Do you have these questions?

  • I need a professional website but where do I start?
  • Why isn’t my website giving me the results I want?
  • Why doesn’t my web designer return my calls when I need to update my website content?
  • How come my site NEVER shows up on the first page of a Google search?
  • I guess I need Social Media for my business but where do I start?
  • I want to stay top-of-mind with my customers – how do I do that?
  • Do I REALLY need a mobile website?
  • All of these online options are confusing me! What do I focus on and what should I do first?




The Numbers Don’t Lie

With over 78% of the U.S. population using the Internet, online marketing is here to stay. Over 25% of internet users are using ONLY mobile devices. You must reach your potential customers in new and innovative ways. But the fundamentals are still vital and you have to start with basic marketing principles.
That is where we come in. At Compass Strategies, Inc., we relieve the anxiety and confusion that many business owners and nonprofit executives feel when faced with the task of creating an online marketing strategy. Marketing and branding come first and we select the best technology solutions to create and execute a custom strategy for your business. Whether you want it all done for you or are more of a “DIY Marketer,” we can help.

We keep on top of technology, so you don’t have to!

I would love to invite you to apply for the opportunity to do a 15 minute complementary strategy session with me.  During this phone session, we will review your goals, how you currently communicate with your customers or constituents, your current marketing  activities plus we’ll look at where you hope to be and then discover together the single most important thing you need to do to reach those goals.

To apply for the complimentary session with me to review your online marketing strategy, go to my Request for Consultation page and fill out the questionnaire. There are a lot of questions, but it’s designed to make sure we maximize our time together.

Still not sure?

If you’re not quite ready to talk with me yet then I do recommend you sign up for the free reports in the box on the top of the site and you’ll get some ideas on how to plan for a more effective website and how to attract, engage and connect with potential customers or donors and convert them to passionate fans! You will also automatically be signed up for my newsletter, where I share even more ideas on how busiensses and nonprofits can leverage the power of online marketing to share their stories.

Compass Strategies is a web design and online marketing company with a single minded goal of making the Internet an effective marketing tool for your organization. Let me be your guide to online marketing success!


• Online Marketing, Strategic Planning & Coaching
• Website Design & Maintenance
• Mobile Website Development
• Search Engine Optimization
• Search Engine Marketing/Pay-Per-Click Services
• Email Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Mobile Marketing
• Group and Individual Training available

Special Services for Nonprofits:

• Online Fundraising
• Online Event Management
• Donor Data Base Creation & Management

I Think I’m Ready!

Maybe you’ve been thinking about having a brand new website created for you or your business; or maybe you’ve been thinking about a fresh update to your existing site. If so, then please visit our Website Planning page.  There, you can complete a simple form that will walk you through steps which will help us get you going in the right direction.

Yes… even if you’re not completely sure what you want yet, we want to help. There is absolutely no obligation once you’ve completed the Pre-Planning Website Design form, and after we receive it you’ll also receive a FREE 30 minute consultation!